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Posted by Lee Briers in News

So after arriving in sydney late Saturday night after a long 22 hour flight I check in to the manly pacific hotel!
I try and get some sleep and did quite well managing about 4 hours. Jet lag is a killer! The next day I'm invited round Andrew johns house as his little boy Louis is having a birthday party. I last till about 7 then have to drive back to hotel as I can't keep awake.

Monday sees me book in with the manly sea eagles where I will spend the next week watching closely on anything I can pick up on. Everyone at the club makes me feel more than welcome. It's quite weird really as they are pretty much set up like the wolves are. We have more or less the same schedule and same training routines! I think I've brought the English weather with me because it's rained everyday. Ha.

Yesterday after training I went with Joey johns to interveiw the superstar roosters fullback Anthony minnechello for thurs night game at the Allianz. Then I decided to get some surfing lessons and let's just say I won't b winning any world championships just yet!'ha. I can sense training going up a notch or two as the sea eagles get closer to to game day against the storm on sat. From all accounts it's gonna be a classic. I will let u know how it goes!

Cheers Lee