Recovery following my Neck Operation

Posted by Lee Briers in News

Hey guys it's been a while since I last did a blog! It's been a manic three weeks! I hope u all had a great Christmas and new year! Mine was spent mainly resting up my neck which I had surgery on 3 weeks today!

The doc said the operation was a success which is a bonus! They had to remove and replace 2 discs in my neck so it was a fairly big op! Recovery is going ok. The problem I have is I can't go back to coaching until feb. It's so boring at the moment as their is only so much tv you can watch!

The season is nearly on us and it's starting to feel abit strange because I'd usually be getting my body ready to start playing and getting my mind focused on playing! I believe the boys are ripping in at training which is great! Let's hope for a big start!

Will update again soon, Cheers Lee.


Scar, 5 days after the operation.